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The City of Martinsburg recognizes the public’s right of assembly and free speech and the use of designated public facilities for such purpose. The City also recognizes the crucial and substantial benefits of special events, which provide cultural enrichment, promote economic vitality and enhance community identity and pride, as well as provide opportunities for fundraising for community non-profit organizations. The City of Martinsburg seeks to accommodate public rights in a manner that is consistent with governmental interest by establishing policies, procedures, terms, conditions and rates for the use of public spaces and facilities for such purposes of parades, assemblages and special events.

Article 155.01 of the Codified Ordinance of the City of Martinsburg applies to all public parades, assemblies and special events that may be expected to affect the public, property or services of the City of Martinsburg, or, otherwise require an expenditure of time or resources or create the potential for liability of public disturbance or other substantial concern, not limited to the assurance of free and safe passage or pedestrian and vehicular traffic on the public rights of way and the safe use and enjoyment of public spaces open to the general public. This article also applies to the use of public facilities or spaces for purposes other than governmental operations.

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