The City of Martinsburg--owner of the Market House building at the corner of N. Queen and W. Burke Streets—seeks a partner with capacity to redevelop and operate the structure. The building is a diamond in the rough, needing extensive work on multiple systems. But it is a well-built, well-located, historic structure with beautiful architectural features on a prominent downtown corner.

The City is aware that the building needs repair, and wishes to see those repairs made promptly so that no further deterioration occurs. Therefore, the City seeks proposals from potential Partners who would redevelop and operate the building for an extended period, with operating revenues over time offsetting redevelopment costs to the City. This Request for Expressions of Interest invites potential Partners to propose partnership terms.

Responses will be reviewed and considered by the Mayor and Council of the City of Martinsburg.

2022 Martinsburg Market House Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEI)

Supplemental Assessment of Building Condition (CEC/Omni) 2021

All official deadlines and details are included within the RFEI document. Questions may be directed to Shane Farthing, Director of Economic & Community Development, at